Neena Speer Esq. is a dynamic speaker that is sure to captivate the audience with her presence, personality and knack for authentic storytelling. Charging the attendees up to seize their NOW to create their Future. Neena is available for keynotes, workshops, and panels. Click the button above to view the speaker sheet for more information.


The Importance of Diversity in Leadership Development

Diversity, it’s an asset. Those who can’t accept and respect other people may find it difficult to succeed in life and at work.  Learn how to value others…

Founding a Non-Profit

When Neena began her Step 1-2-3 idea, she was eight years old, but it took until age 23 to make it happen. Learn the skills, plan, and contacts you must develop to make your dream happen…

Speak Your Truth Workshop: The LAST Brand: Lawyer, Author, Speaker, & Truth

Have you ever been LAST before? Well Neena has too. LAST picked on a team, LAST choice, and even LAST one to finish. Hear how she decided to change L.A.S.T. to a brand that is empowering…


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